What is a masternode?

A masternode is an important component of the privacy-enhanced cryptocurrency Dash. Masternodes are dedicated servers on the Internet that enable instant transactions and perform the trustless anonymization of users' funds. Masternodes require 1000 Dash as collateral, a secured server, a full-time Internet connection, and periodic updates.

What is masternode.me?

This service provides trustless masternode hosting. For users with 1000 Dash, masternode hosting, maintenance, and monitoring are available for the flat rate of $35 USD per quarter.

Why choose this site?

Masternode.me, the first fully automated masternode service, was launched December 2014. It was built by moocowmoo, a veteran backend developer, cryptography enthusiast, Dash developer, community member, and lifetime member of the Dash Foundation. Masternode.me currently services over one hundred masternodes.



  • Locked-down hosts
    Each node only runs dashd. No other services are installed. Only port 9999 is listening. Updates are performed by updating image snapshots.
  • No keys or data online
    Nothing online can compromise your funds or expose your information.
  • Self managed
    You retain full control of all masternode funds.


  • 24/7 monitoring
    Every five minutes all nodes hosted by masternode.me are tested for valid response and each verify they see all other hosted nodes as active. Any detected issues automatically notify administration.
  • Proven hosting
    All VPS instances are pre-provisioned and vetted before assignment. Providers have been selected for speed and reliablity over savings. Masternode.me uses high availability instances with 99.99% uptimes.
  • Automated updates
    Dashd is automatically updated within 24 hours of release. Updates requiring a masternode 'start' are deferred until initiated by the user.


  • Detailed statistics
    All masternode payments and VPS instance information are available through the interface.
  • Hands-on Support
    Friendly and knowledgable assistance is available for all users of masternode.me at [email protected].

Signup - Create a new hosted masternode

    How it works

    1. Send exactly 1000 DASH (in one transaction) to a new address you control.
    2. Wait for 15 confirmations. (needed to start masternode)
    3. Send your masternode address and $35 worth of DASH for 90 days of service.
    4. Your server will be started and you will be given a masternode.conf entry.
    5. Add that entry to your wallet and send your start. (how to).
    6. Bookmark your unique masternode stats page. (example)

    That's it!

    Click here to start!


Have questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch!