What is a masternode?

A masternode is an important component of the privacy-enhanced cryptocurrency Dash. Masternodes are dedicated servers on the Internet that enable instant transactions and perform the trustless anonymization of users' funds. Masternodes require 1000 Dash as collateral, a secured server, a full-time Internet connection, and periodic updates.

What is masternode.me?

This service provides both trustless masternode hosting and trusted masternode shares. For users with 1000 Dash, masternode hosting, maintenance, and monitoring are available for the flat rate of $35 USD per quarter. For users with less than 1000 Dash, managed masternodes are partitioned and 85% of earnings are disbursed to participating depositors until withdrawal.

Why choose this site?

Masternode.me, the first fully automated masternode service, was launched December 2014. It was built by moocowmoo, a veteran backend developer, cryptography enthusiast, Dash developer, community member, and lifetime member of the Dash Foundation. Masternode.me currently services over one hundred masternodes.

Trusted masternode shares

For users with less than 1000 dash, masternode shares are also available.

How trusted shares work

  • Overview

    • Masternode shares are portions of earnings from moocowmoo's longstanding and stable masternodes.
    • These masternodes are split into 40 shares each costing 25 Dash.
    • Users request a deposit address by email and deposit dash to it.
    • The largest input address from your deposit is selected for your share payouts and eventual withdrawal.
    • This address is assigned to a masternode and receives a portion of all future earnings of that node.
    • The deposit details, selected payout address, and assigned masternode are emailed to the depositor in a tamper-evident deposit receipt.
    • Sending the deposit receipt back refunds the deposit and closes the share, halting any future share payments.
  • Deposits

    • When requested by email, a deposit address is assigned and sent in a tamper-evident email. (sample welcome email)
    • Deposit addresses may be reused for additional deposits. Send an email to moocowmoo when adding funds.
    • When any multiple of 25 (225, 75, etc.) dash is deposited:
      1. The largest contributing address of your deposit is selected as a payout/withdrawal address for your share.
        You must control these origination keys. Send from a local wallet, not an exchange.
      2. This address and its percentage of all future node earnings are then attached to a masternode with sufficient space available.
      3. These assignments are placed in a tamper-evident email receipt and sent to the user. (sample deposit receipt).
    • Deposits are placed in cold storage until another node can be provisioned, allowing for withdrawals.
    • Deposits are secured and managed by me, moocowmoo.
    • Deposits are protected by a dead man's switch. 30 days of login inactivity from me will automatically return all user deposits to their assigned withdrawal addresses.
    • Email [email protected] for a deposit address to get started.
    • (Due to increased demand, please allow one week for reply. Thank you for your patience.)
  • Earnings

    • Masternodes are rewarded between every 5 and 12 days. Payments, on average, are * days apart.
    • Payouts occur automatically 101 blocks after the masternode is rewarded.
    • A tamper-evident payout report is sent after each payment. (sample payout report)
    • Each 25 Dash share receives approximately * Dash worth $*.
    • 15% of masternode earnings are retained as service fee.
      For example: 4 shares totalling 100 dash earn 8.5% of masternode earnings. There are no other fees.
    • *These estimates are updated every five minutes using the current livenet active masternode count and dash/usd market average price.
  • Withdrawals

    • Withdrawals may be requested 60 days after depositing.
    • Withdrawals are usually processed within one day, allow up to four days if reserves are low.
    • A tamper-evident withdrawal receipt is sent after the withdrawal is complete. (sample withdrawal receipt)
  • Security

    • All masternode and deposit keys are kept on an air-gapped, networking-disabled computer.
    • Automatic payments are signed offline, then broadcast.
    • Transactions are pipelined through purpose-built hardware enforcing key isolation.
    • All user deposits will automatically be sent to their origination addresses if I am idle for 30 days via a dead man's switch. (Incapacitated or no longer mooing.) :(
  • Voting

    • Shared masternodes currently comprise less than %0.1 of the network.
    • Due to this proportional difference, voting is not yet supported.



  • Locked-down hosts
    Each node only runs dashd. No other services are installed. Only port 9999 is listening. Updates are performed by updating image snapshots.
  • No keys or data online
    Nothing online can compromise your funds or expose your information.
  • Self managed
    You retain full control of all masternode funds.


  • 24/7 monitoring
    Every five minutes all nodes hosted by masternode.me are tested for valid response and each verify they see all other hosted nodes as active. Any detected issues automatically notify administration.
  • Proven hosting
    All VPS instances are pre-provisioned and vetted before assignment. Providers have been selected for speed and reliablity over savings. Masternode.me uses high availability instances with 99.99% uptimes.
  • Automated updates
    Dashd is automatically updated within 24 hours of release. Updates requiring a masternode 'start' are deferred until initiated by the user.


  • Detailed statistics
    All masternode payments and VPS instance information are available through the interface.
  • Hands-on Support
    Friendly and knowledgable assistance is available for all users of masternode.me at [email protected].

Signup - Create a new hosted masternode

    How it works

    1. Send exactly 1000 DASH (in one transaction) to a new address you control.
    2. Wait for 15 confirmations. (needed to start masternode)
    3. Send your masternode address and $35 worth of DASH for 90 days of service.
    4. Your server will be started and you will be given a masternode.conf entry.
    5. Add that entry to your wallet and send your start. (how to).
    6. Bookmark your unique masternode stats page. (example)

    That's it!

    Click here to start!


Have questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch!